Workshop - No-Dig Gardening (EN)

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Learn the theory behind the increasingly popular no-dig approach to gardening & how you can implement it in your own home or market garden.


Lunch included!

Less weeding, water and labour in your home or market garden, whilst at the same time building your soil health?


The no-dig method of gardening is gaining popularity across Europe for exactly these reasons & more! By observing how things work in nature, where there is of course no plough, we can mimic or facilitate certain ecosystem functions to help us grow healthy vegetables and build soil life at the same time.


But how does this work exactly, and how do you go about setting up and managing a no-dig system in your own garden?


In this workshop we walk you through the theory behind the no-dig method and show you how you can start a no-dig garden on a new plot or in your existing space. We'll go through the various benefits that this can bring, as well as reflecting on potential challenges. 


By the end of the workshop you will have learned:

  • how to set up your own No-Dig beds, step-by-step
  • how soil life functions and how you can support it through No-Dig
  • The principles of the No-Dig method and how to apply these in your own context
  • How you maintain a No-Dig (market) garden
  • the potential challenges and how you can solve them


Lunch is also included, with ingredients from our market garden and other local food producers.


Location: Tuinderij het Lichtveen. Opposite organic Farm de Hooilanden, Slagsteeg 20, 6721NR Bennekom